Hailey Ice started as no more than a group of parents and outdoor enthusiasts who joined forces to provide an outdoor natural sheet of ice for the community at Roberta McKercher Park. Fast forward 15 years later and we have become the Valley’s most popular outdoor rink located right inside the Rodeo arena in Hailey complete with day and night skating. To give you a bit more background on where have come from, in our early years Hailey Ice created a “pond” at Roberta McKercher Park in Hailey. The hoses were brought out and parents went to work.

Over the years, lights were hung from the enormous pine trees surrounding the venue, a Zamboni was purchased, and a shed was donated to house the Zamboni.
A hot water heater was consequently installed to fill the Zamboni tank. Every season we were lucky to add more to the facility. An old trailer was donated to serve as a warming hut, and a horse trailer was donated to house our skates. We still create the free outdoor rink every year within the rodeo arena which is on the same property as the new facility that we are building.
We have moved over the Zamboni hut, skate trailer and the warming hut over to the new site, and going stronger than ever. The outdoor rink brings back the look and feel of “skating on the pond”, and it is absolutely free, as is the use of skates. It has gotten so many kids and families engaged in a new sport that it was one of the driving forces to substantiate that we needed more reliable ice. The only down side to the outdoor rink is that we are always at the mercy of mother nature. Fast forward to present day we are in a 33,000 sq foot, multi-million dollar, indoor facility that opened November 2015!

As always, Hailey Ice provides a healthy, after school and weekend activity for children and their families, at no cost. We have over 200 pairs of loaner skates, hockey equipment, helmets, pucks, and broomball equipment that can be used daily at the rink. In January, we also offer very affordable skating programs (hockey, figure, broom ball) for all age levels, even adults! Come down and check out the fun!


Campion Ice House Opens


Campion Ice House opens to the public in large to part to all our donors and supporters.

Hailey Ice is started


Hailey Ice creates the first “pond” outdoor ice skating at Roberta McKercher Park in Hailey. The hoses were brought out and parents went to work.