Hailey Ice had been in search of a “home” for a covered, refrigerated rink since 2003.

The Campion Ice House was born out of the generosity of Lynn Campion Waddell and her family. Hailey Ice had secured property back in 2010 through a general obligation bond, however our funding had fallen through. We began to fundraise again in late 2012 and within eight months, we had raised over a million dollars through the generosity of Lynn Campion through the Deer Creek Fund of the Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation, the Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation, and a generous local couple who wished to remain anonymous. The Board of Directors agreed that we should move forward with building an outdoor refrigerated rink, to get the project moving forward and getting the community a more reliable ice rink for winter use.

After much research and visiting a similar rink in Salmon, Idaho for many years, we worked hand in hand the architectural group of Ruscitto, Latham and Blanton, and Arena products and Services to get the right design for an outdoor refrigerated rink. We also designed the rink so that if additional funds were raised, we could build the facility around the ice surface, ice plant and Zamboni room. We submitted our plans in April of 2014, and after two visits to Hailey Planning and Zoning commission, we were approved for Phase1 of the project. Phase 1 consisted of the ice facility housing the plant, Zamboni room and fire/electrical.

The brand new Campion Ice House
During the initial building of this first phase,
one of our original donors came to us wanting to do more.
Lynn Campion and her family wanted to see this facility built in Hailey, so through their unbelievable generosity, they informed us they would be donating an additional $4 million to complete the structure that would house the ice rink. The facility is slated to be completed November 2015. Hailey Ice is now seeing our full vision come to fruition. We have gone from using fire hoses to create an ice sheet in a public park to seeing the vision of a fully enclosed ice rink facility. Our commitment is to continue to fundraise to ensure that we can provide the necessary items that are needed for the rink as our generous donors have provided us the monies to build the exterior building. We also could not have done this project without all of our volunteer labor, which once the project is complete, will total around $100,000 in savings. Some of the items we continue to raise money for include, dasher (hockey) boards, vulcanized rubber matting, bleachers, benches, cabinets and score board, just to name a few. We will continue to hold fundraising events, contact local donors and philanthropists, and pursue grants and corporate sponsorship for additional funds.
Fast forward to present day…
The Campion Ice House is entering into our third season, and the community has taken us under their wing! We offer public skating, curling, hockey for all ages, and are the official home of the Sun Valley SUNS. In the summer months we stay busy too, as we are home to pickle ball and private events. We could not have reached our goals without you, the Community, and for that we say thank you!

Thank You for Your Support!

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